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Nov 15

The iPad Mini Review -

Pogue on iPad mini: “It’s fantastic…I’d buy right now. (If I could, that is. It’s sold out everywhere.)” http://t.co/OLIXm9BPTA

Nov 12

The iPhone 5S is the most complete smartphone

Nov 06

Air Worthy | Product Reviews | Wired.com

Oct 31

The Park -

@yosemitenation new short film of mine shot in Yosemite, http://t.co/RxnsrrF1tb The Park, please RT and share.

Oct 30

Apple Should Spend Its Money on Its Future - WSJ.com


Oct 29

Google and Twitter Mount Combined Assault on Facebook's Image | Gadget Lab | Wired.com -

I wrote something about Twitter and photos, and Google and photos, and Facebook and photos http://t.co/m1XmwswG9p

The Magical iPad - stratēchery by Ben Thompson -

ICYMI: My take on the “Why” of the iPad (and a bit on Surface too).

“The Magical iPad” @stratechery

♻️ http://t.co/e7wAAkpnWq

Business Models for Free Software



The announcement that deservedly got the most attention at the Oct 22 Apple event was Apple dropping the price of their consumer software to zero. iOS was already free, but now the free list includes Mac OS X, iWork (spreadsheet, word processing, presentations), and iLife (photo editing, video editing, music editing). The New York Times incorrectly framed this as “Apple Targets Microsoft Office With Free Apps”. The correct frame comes from the always interesting Ben Thompson. In particular his two posts done prior to the event: “Open Source Apps" and "What Clayton Christensen Got Wrong.”

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Oct 28

Security Shouldn’t Trump Privacy – But I’m Afraid It Will -

Security Shouldn’t Trump Privacy – But I’m Afraid It Will http://t.co/acuz7I4BeH