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Oct 26

Puerto Rico: Greece in the Caribbean | The Economist

Oct 25

The Seed of Apple's Innovation

Oct 19

The mysterious failure of Apple's iPhone 5c -

This man always gives and honest assessment!

The mysterious failure of Apple's iPhone 5c -

The mysterious failure of Apple’s iPhone 5c http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/10/19/the-mysterious-failure-of-apples-iphone-5c

Oct 14

The growing irrelevance of Google Search

Oct 04

And Then Steve Said, ‘Let There Be an iPhone’

Oct 02

iPhone 4 deconstructed; antenna design a “work of genius” | Ars Technica -

arstechnica: Apple expected to use in-cell touch sensors for thinner, sharper iPhone displays http://t.co/TQsaBRrI by @foresmac

Innovation and the PC Era at Microsoft: Ballmer Watched as Apple grew | aragonresearch.com

Sep 18

Behold! Jonathan Ive's Apple - CNET Mobile

iOS 7: Tips, Tricks, and Details -

iOS 7: tips, tricks, and details, by @hrbrt http://t.co/3qUxM13Jqs via http://t.co/yLfSU2nXx7